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Saturday 9 July, 2022


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Cllr Dennis Evans

Mayor of Pembroke


Being nominated and voted in as the 643rd Mayor of Pembroke was indeed an honour, but it brings with it a certain degree of responsibility. Coupled with that responsibility are the need for qualities of honesty and integrity to ensure that the residents of this historic town are at the forefront of any decisions made in the Council Chamber.


Myself and my fellow councillors are in a unique position because the residents of Pembroke have granted us the authority to act on their behalf. Decisions made need to be transparent and taken with due diligence.


As Mayor, I would like Council to continue to work with the relevant authorities in order to help and reduce anti-social behaviour within the town. I also have concerns with speeding on the approach road leading into the town. Two flashing speed reductions signs have been installed on Upper Lamphey Road and Holyland Road and if funding becomes available, I would like that to be extended on other roads within the town.


Following COVID, things are just getting back to some sort of normality and because we have more freedom of movement, I would like to invite groups within the town to visit the Town Hall. We have beautiful murals, a museum, and the Council Chamber itself, all worth a visit. Seeing where decisions are made may bring about a better understanding of how local policy issues are addressed.


I will make a promise in that I will do every -thing in my power to represent this historic town of Pembroke to the best of my ability.




Cllr Aden A. Brinn

Deputy Mayor

Pembroke Town Council


I am delighted to serve the Town of Pembroke once again in the office of Deputy Mayor. I feel very honoured, privileged, and humbled taking on this role and I look forward with pride to the ensuing year. My role will be to support our new Mayor, Cllr Dennis Evans in all his endeavours in promoting and enhancing our traditional values and working collectively as a team addressing the issues which face our townspeople and community here in this ancient and historic town of ours here in Pembroke, a town steeped in history and a heritage we can all be proud of.


The last 2 years have been difficult for everyone as it has been globally, and we have faced up to the covid pandemic.   I have been immensely proud of the residents of this town who faced these challenges with their strength and fortitude.  Now we have a new normality and can enjoy once again meeting our families, friends and freedom of movements and travel.


I wish every resident of Pembroke and all the visitors that come to our historic town a safe and prosperous year.




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Pembroke Young at Heart Coach Trips 2022


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Regular Events in the Town Hall




10am - 11am Pilates  (term time only)

2pm - 5.30pm Messy Church (First Monday of the Month)




10am - 11am Yoga (term time only)

4pm - 7pm Vibe Dance (term time only)




10.30am - 4.30pm  Pembroke Craft Fayre

6pm - 7pm Pilates (term time only)




9am - 1pm  Pembroke Country Market

4pm - 6pm  Aerial Hooping (term time only)

7pm - 8pm  Yoga Classes (term time only)




9.30am - 10.30am  Pilates (term time only)




3pm - 5pm  Messy Church (second Sunday of the month)



These dates are subject to change at any time so please check before attending


Telephone: 01646 683092

Email: enquiries@pembroketowncouncil.co.uk







Pembroke Town Council

Town Hall, Main Street



SA71 4JS




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