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Past Events

HMS Pembroke Parade



HMS Pembroke will be exercising their Right of Freedom through the Main Street, on their final parade in Pembroke on Sunday July 2023. This is due to the Ship being decommissioned.


Stepping off from St Michaels Square at 11am and marching through the Main Street into Pembroke Castle.



Please click here to download event poster


Pembroke River Rally 2023



Pembroke River Rally will be taking place on Saturday 1st July 2023 between 1.00pm and 5.00pm on South Quay, Pembroke.


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New Mayor of Pembroke 2023 - 2024


Outgoing Mayor, Cllr Dennis Evans with the new Mayor Cllr Aden Brinn JP



Dear Residents of Pembroke


On Thursday 11th May 2023 I was elected as the 644th Mayor of the ancient and historic town of Pembroke.  It is a great honour once again to have the opportunity to serve the people of this town as Mayor and I do so with great pride and humility in this special year of the coronation of His Majesty King Charles 111 & Her Majesty Queen Camilla and I know the townspeople rejoice as I do to a long reign.  We are all proud of our history and the traditions in which has been fostered over centuries. Our jewel in the crown, Pembroke Castle stands majestically the birthplace place of Henry Tudor later King Henry V11 founder of the Tudor dynasty.  The building near Pembroke Castle which is in the stage of building once completed will be the home for the Henry Tudor Centre.


My commitment to the people of Pembroke is this, I will be a proactive Mayor and will listen to your concerns as I have always done as a Town Councillor, former County Councillor and a former Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council.


Pembroke is a holiday destination and the warmth extended to our visitors is self evident and indeed many return to retire here.


PEMBROKE is my town

PEMBROKE is our town

PEMBROKE is a Town loved by all

By working together lets make PEMBROKE a better and more vibrant town.


My warmest best wishes to you all


Cllr Aden A. Brinn, JP

Mayor of Pembroke 2023-2024


Pembroke Town Council recently ratified that Pembroke will twin with the Town of Bain-de-Bretagne in Brittany, France.


With our other twin towns of Bergen in lower Saxony in Germany and Pembroke, Malta the message of enlarging International friendship in terms for our youths to engage in projects and learn about each others history,  culture, languages and diversities.  The newly elected Mayor of Pembroke,  Cllr Aden Brinn is delighted of the new twin venture,  and he stated he has already engaged with schools and organisations in possible exchanges in the future and through the medium of IT.



At a recent meeting of Pembroke Town Council, it was resolved that instead of gifting chocolates when Father Christmas came to Pembroke, it would be more beneficial to donate £500 worth of food to the local food bank which is based in Bethal Chapel in Pembroke Dock. Attached is the volunteers who run the food bank along with the Mayor of Pembroke.


Regular Events in the Town Hall




10am - 11am Pilates (Term time only)

11am-12 noon Prayer Meeting (Third Monday of the month)

2pm – 6pm Messy Church (First Monday of the Month)




11am - 4.30pm Pembroke Craft Fayre

5.30pm-7.30pm Pilates (Term time only)




9am - 1pm Pembroke Country Market




9.30am - 10.30am Pilates (Term time only)




These dates are subject to change at any time so please check before attending


Telephone: 01646 683092

Email: enquiries@pembroketowncouncil.co.uk







Pembroke Town Council

Town Hall, Main Street



SA71 4JS


9am to 3pm Monday - Thursday

9am to 1pm Friday



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