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Pembroke Town Councillors

Asman LA (Linda)

St Mary (North)

28 Rocky Park, Pembroke, SA71 4NY

T: 622428   E: linholly@hotmail.com



Blackburn MR (Rose)

St Mary (North)

13 Buttermilk Close, Pembroke, SA71 4BH

T: 681 362   E: Postmaster@rosecuts.plus.com



Brinn AA (Aden)

St Michael

The Garden Flat, 33 Pembroke Street, SA72 6HX

T: 622703   E: adenbrinn@aol.com



Brown LL (Linda)


Priory Villa, Monkton, Pembroke SA71 4HP

T: 07747774759   E: wantonwax@aol.com



Carey AL (Aaron)

St Michael

3 Castle Terrace, Terrace, Pembroke, SA714LA

T: 079177 33 833

E: aaroncarey1@hotmail.com



Collins CJ (Clive)

St Michael

5 Vicarage Fields, Pembroke, SA71 4AQ

T: 681500   E: cbros2004@gmail.com


Cooke (Adrian)


The Mews, 31 Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4JS

T: 01646 685886 E:arcwestgate@gmail.com



Doyle (Chris)


Priory Villa, Monkton, Pembroke SA71 4HP

T: 07769 288667  E:cdoyle9872@aol.com



Evans DW (Dennis)

St Michael

17 St. Michael’s Road, Pembroke, SA71 5JQ

T: 683615 E: dw.evans939@btinternet.com



Harvey  J (Jon)

St Mary (North)

22 Lower Lamphey Road, Pembroke, SA71 4AE

T: 07521 674 378 E: jonh363@googlemail.com



Jones (Gareth)

St Mary (South)

Picton House, 59 Main Street, Pembroke, SA71 4DA

T: 07973 382144 E: pictonhouse@aol.com



Nicholas KN (Keith)

St Mary (South)

61 Main Street, Pembroke, SA71 4DA

T: 621374 E:Kkinssvs@aol.com



Nutting JAR (Jon)

St Michael

138 – 140  Main Street, Pembroke, SA71 4HN

T: 628537 E:johnpoyer@tiscali.co.uk



Phillips MA (Melanie)

St Mary (South)

6 Harcourt Terrace, Pembroke, SA71 4BP

T: 682 308 E: melaniephillips@talktalk.net


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